Riot Weekend: Knock ‘em Out & Collect Cash

*All new and existing players are eligible for this TonyBet promotion.

*The winners of this promotion will share a prize of €1000. It will be divided between 10 players who will have kicked the most opponents out during the promotion tournaments. 

*Only the players who have participated in the tournaments of this promotions are being counted into the tally of the kicked-out players. The said tournaments, their titles, and schedule can be found in the promotion page above.

*The winners of this promotion will be able to cash out their prizes after raking at least €5.

*In case of a head count tie, a player who has participated in more tournaments wins. If the players have also participated in the same number of tournaments, the winner will be chosen randomly.

*TonyBet can in its sole discretion eliminate any player from the leaderboard race in case of any suspicious activities that may lead TonyBet to believe fair play was compromised.