Other Open Face Chinese Poker Rules

The Important Things You Need to Know While Playing at TonyBet Poker

Other Rules

Mobile maximum number of tables allowed

Players using the mobile client can open only 3 tables simultaneously. If players are registered for a tournament and have 3 tables opened when that tournament starts, they must close one of the 3 tables. After closing a table, the tournament table will automatically appear.

Time Bank

No time bank is configured at this time

Auto Move

By clicking Auto Move, you will have your cards automatically placed depending on which slots are available. The cards are placed from utmost left to right and from the bottom hand going up without changing the positions of the cards that are already positioned in all three hands. Please note that Auto Move does not lock your cards and you can rearrange them after you use this function.

Disconnects and Sitting Out

  • Players accept all responsibility for the consequences arising from Internet disconnections and time lags when the problem is not due to a TonybetPoker server crash
  • If the TonybetPoker server crashes, the latest cash-game hand will be cancelled
  • Once disconnected, players must reconnect to the server within 90 seconds. If players do not reconnect after 90 seconds regular time will begin. Cards will be placed automatically if the player is still absent after regular time.
  • Play will resume even if the player has not returned for the following hand. Once the player’s regular time ends, cards will be placed automatically.
  • During tournament play, disconnected players sit out all hands until they restore the connection.
  • Simultaneous player disconnections at the same cash game table warrant stoppage of play until all players reconnect. Support will cancel the game if players do not return in a reasonable time.

Server Issues

  • If the TonybetPoker server crashes, the hand in progress will be canceled for all players and their stacks reset to the value preceding the hand’s start. Tournaments will be canceled and all buy-ins will be returned to the players.