Open Face Chinese Poker Scoring, Win Cap and All-In

Learn How to Score the Most And Win the Game

Scoring, Win Cap and All-In

Player-versus-player scores in each hand are calculated using the following rules:

A player’s score is calculated sequentially, starting from the left of the button.

Maximum player losses can never exceed starting stack. A total point loss equals “all-in” status. An “all-in” loss ends the player’s game.

Since there can be multiple player-versus-player scores in one hand, a player’s stack is updated after each one. A win cap is applied for each player versus player score, where a player cannot win more points from another player than his current, updated stack.

Player stacks are updated after each calculation. Note in the following examples that players cannot lose more money than they have in their stacks.

Example 1

Starting stacks

Player 1 5 points
Player 2  10 points
Player 3 135 points (button)

Let us suppose that after a specific hand, Player One wins 10 points from Player Two; Player One wins 40 points from Player Three; and Player Three wins 20 points from Player Two. Player stacks and positions prevent the exact transfer of points for the following reasons:

Player One has only five points. Therefore, Player One’s win cap is 5 points. Player One cannot win more than available to bet. Even though player one won 10 points, Player One receives only 5.

Player One now has 10 points and Player Two has 5. Player One also beat Player Three and would receive 40 points if they were available in Player One’s Stack. Since Player One has only 10 points, though, Player One wins only 10 points. Player One now has 20 points. Player Three has 125.

Player Two lost 20 points to Player Three but has only 5 points. Therefore, Player Three receives only 5 points. Player Three’s stack is updated to 130 points. Player Two has no remaining points and Player Two’s game is over.

Showdown and Scoring

Below are the most common scoring options for OFC. Scoring alterations for specific games will be prominently displayed in the lobby.

Headshot Scoring System:

Beat +1 unit
Scoop +6 units
Foul +6 units