Basic Open Face Chinese Poker Rules

Learn the Basic Rules of OFC Tournaments

Basic Tournament Rules

  • TonybetPoker reserves the right to delay or cancel a tournament without giving notice to or requiring consent from others.
  • The tournament lobby houses the following important information: point structure, round length, re-buys and breaks,
  • Tournaments will begin at the scheduled time, barring unforeseen circumstances.
  • Seats are randomly assigned prior to the tournament’s start
  • Random button positioning precedes play.
  • Late registration is permissible in most tournaments; however, late registration varies temporally and may close early if payouts can begin due to player elimination.
  • Late registration times are shown in tournament lobby.
  • Most tournament rules permit unregistration prior to the tournament start; however, the unregistration window varies between tournaments. All players except satellite seat winners may unregister. Visit tournament lobby for rules.
  • TonybetPoker reserves the right to cancel registration and unregistration times without giving prior notice or receiving others’ consent.
  • Players may enter and play only once in a specific tournament. Warnings: tournaments disqualification, forfeiture of winnings, and permanent expulsion from play may result for an individual with multiple accounts or tournament entries 
  • Re-buy eligibility is contingent upon account funds availability. Insufficient funds will result in tournament elimination. No exceptions.
  • If a satellite ends after the target tournament’s start but during late registration, satellite winners will be seated in the tournament immediately following satellite play.
  • Prize structure is variable and indeterminate until the registration, re-buy, and add-on periods end. Number of players and players per table influence prize structure, which is listed in the tournament lobby.
  • Tournament cancellation eliminates tournament prizes.
  • TonybetPoker maintains transparent and strict technical rules to ensure fair play. However, unusual circumstances may require deviation from written rules to ensure player equity.


  • Synchronized breaks occur 5 minutes before every hour’s start. Tournaments with synchronized breaks will go on break at 55 minutes past the hour. For example, tournament players who begin at 07:25 will break at 07:55 and every 60 minutes thereafter.
  • In synchronized break tournaments with re-buys and add-ons, a two minute break extension follows the re-buy period.  
  • The tournament will not wait for hands at all tables to complete before the break period begins. At at some tables, the break will be slightly shorter than at other tables because hands are still out when the break commences.
  • Not all tournaments offer breaks: Hyper-Turbo, Heads-Up, Shootout-style events.
  • There will be no breaks scheduled during late registration.

Level changes

  • After each level increase, player stacks are increased to the nearest amount that can be divided by the point value in that level.