TonyBet Poker Disconnect Issues and Sitting Out

Disconnects and Sitting Out

  • Tournament play entails the risks of internet disconnection due to various reasons. The player accepts all risks and their consequences upon registering for an event.
  • Upon disconnect, a player will get 90 seconds to reconnect to the server. If not reconnected after 90 seconds, the player’s regular time commences. At the end of regular time, the player’s cards will be placed automatically.
  • If absent after the subsequent hand commences, the player will receive “sit out” status.
  • TonybetPoker accepts no responsibility for a player disconnect, excepting server crash. Server crash merits tournament cancellation and player buy-in refunds.
  • Players are responsible for their own Internet connection; TonybetPoker has instituted a 90-second cushion to enable reconnection.
  • Whether connected to the Tonybet servers or not, player inactivity warrants automatic card placement once regular time ends.