Open Face Chinese Poker Tournament Types

Learn How to Play Different Types of OFC Tournaments

Tournament Types


In freezeout tournaments, all players start with the same number of points and the tournament continues until one player has all the points.


In satellite tournaments, players can win a seat in the satellite target tournament.


TonybetPoker guarantees a minimum prize pool contingent upon minimum player registration.


In freeroll tournaments there is no initial buy-in. Paid re-buys and add-ons can accompany some tournaments.


Players can buy more chips during the re-buy stage, depending upon individual tournament rules. In multiple re-buy tournaments, the player can buy more than one re-buy simultaneously.


A cash bounty will be placed on some or all of the tournament participants. A player who eliminates cash-bounty opponent wins that player’s cash bounty.

If multiple opponents win points from the all-in bounty player, the player who wins the most points from the bounty player wins the cash bounty.

Run It Twice tournaments

In this type of tournament the board is run twice if there are no more than two players in the hand and they are both all-in. If the action goes all-in before the flop, all five community cards are dealt twice. If both players in the hand go all-in after the flop, only the turn and the river cards are dealt twice. If players go all-in after the turn, only the river card is dealt twice.

If one player wins both runs, they collect the entire pot. If one player wins run #1 and the other player wins run #2, they split the pot.