Untehical Play & Server Issues

Unethical Play & Server Issues

Open Face Chinese Poker is an individual (not a team) game. Any action or chat intended to help another player is unethical and prohibited. Unethical play, such as closed card sharing and chip dumping (intentionally losing chips to a partner), may result in penalties, including seizure of funds from the offender's account and/or termination of the account. TonybetPoker routinely reviews game play to ensure player integrity and rule compliance. Game play reviews may precede winnings disbursement to ensure rule compliance

A player may play on only one account during a tournament and may not ‘hand off’ his seat in mid-event to a different player. Violation of this rule may result in penalties including a warning, tournament disqualification (with partial or full forfeiture of winnings), and expulsion from TonybetPoker.

“Handing over” the play to another player during ongoing tournament is prohibited.

Server Issues

In the event of a server crash, the tournament will be cancelled and buy-ins will be returned to all players.

All decisions made by the TonybetPoker are final.